Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ok. So.

Well, my July 1st goal didn't happen... but I'm back! And with a new schedule. A more relaxed schedule. I will still be around every Monday with a post but the rest of the week will be a bit more relaxed. Look, Song and Quote of the Day won't be scheduled but will arrive on the blog throughout the week! I might go back to a more scheduled schedule in the fall but we'll have to see! So... without further ado...

Easing You Into 2 Summer Trends
Here are two ways that I am easing into two of the hottest trends this summer: peplums and matching sets! Both of those things usually make me cringe, so I devised a way to sport both of these styles without going all out.

1. Pretty, Flowing Peplum
Wary of peplums? Try out a loose, flowing peplum instead of the stiff ones that you see everywhere. It still adds definition to the waist and a fun, flirty look to an outfit, but it's not stuffy and over-the-top trendy.

Easing In {Peplum}

2. Matching Sets?
Matching tops and bottoms are definitely something that I'm not game to try, but matching big, bold patterns in the same colour palate is something that I can do! Go big and bold with your mismatched prints and ground the outfit with some neutral accessories. 
Matching Set?


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