Monday, September 28, 2015

In Over My Head

Every once in a while comes a song that resonates deeply in my heart. I am a music lover (probably an obvious statement if you've read previous posts) so I am usually very emotionally invested in the music I listen to, but sometimes there's a song that goes beyond. Often it's because of the lyrics; the right words coming at the right time in my life. This week I was randomly introduced to the song "In Over My Head" by Bethel. It was on in the background and the first time it wasn't until the bridge that it caught my attention. The second time through it had me at the first line.

I have come to a place in my life 
I'm full but I'm not satisfied

I love the heart that this song has. The heart of coming to God, knowing that we believe but maybe aren't quite in the head-space that we want to be.

This song is a prayer to be known and to know more, and I absolutely love it.

Would you come and tear down the boxes that I have tried to put You in
Let love come and teach me who You are again
Take me back to the place where my heart was only about You
And all I wanted was just to be with You
Come and do whatever You want to

I pray that this week you are encouraged to take this song seriously, because I think that it's more than a song. It's more like an extremely bold prayer. A prayer that God would take you from lukewarm to piping hot; from complacent to completely in love.