Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Way Back When

I listen to a lot of music. I feel like my life constantly has a soundtrack, especially when I'm studying or working on a project... background music is a must (even if it's classical music sometimes)!  Though my main source of melodies are usually new-ish songs, I have a few CDs that are my go-tos in certain situations.

Mainstay's Well Meaning Fiction is probably my top CD of all time, but I was recently reacquainted with an old friend... namely Relient K's Forget and Not Slow Down (2009). When I'm in a contemplative state, the songs Therapy and Over It from this CD never cease to amaze me with their depth and how easy they are to relate too. While not all the songs on the CD are my favorites, the sincerity of the lyrics and how thought provoking they are never ceases to draw me in. It's definitely one that I keep coming back to, even five years down the road.

"Therapy" {my top Relient K song of all time}

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Singleness is a Door

"Instead of seeing singleness as a wall, we need to see it as a door. A door that we can open if we want to, that will lead to opportunities that we can’t even imagine. Singleness doesn’t limit us, it expands our horizons. You might be single for four months, for four years or until the day you die, so why not take every day as it comes and do your best with the time that God has given you here. Our lack of relationship status doesn’t give us an excuse to slack off when it comes to following His Word, so don’t ever use it as an excuse. Use it as an encouragement to step out in faith and do things that you thought you would be brave enough to do."
- LN