Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jenny Simmons (Female Christian Artist Feature pt. 1)

Great female Christian singers have been a little on the down low lately - excluding the big names like Natalie Grant and Audrey Assad, of course - so I want to be able to showcase some of my favorite Christian ladies who have big voices to go along with their boldly proclaimed faith! Each week will be a different lady, and this week I'm featuring Jenny Simmons!

Jenny was a part of the amazing band, Addison Road, who were famous for their songs Hope Now and What Do I Know of Holy. Recently, she released her own single album after the band decided to part ways (you can find my review of her album "The Becoming" here). She is passionate about her faith and it comes through in all of her songs, and through the writing that she does on her blog, wonderfully called Cupcakes, Sprinkles and Other Happy Things. She also has an amazing voice and is an extremely talented songwriter. All of these things and more, make "The Becoming" CD a must buy for anyone looking for a new female Christian artist to listen to.

Check out Noise Trade for a free sampler of her songs
or her Facebook page
or her awesome blog!

Stay tuned next week for another Female Christian Artist Feature! And keep coming back all summer to learn more of my favorites!

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