Monday, July 8, 2013

Collapsible Lung - CD Review

Collapsible Lung - Relient K
When I heard that Relient K was releasing their first original album in four years I was ecstatic. They are one of my favorite bands because they are always changing their sound, always challenging themselves musically and keeping God in the picture without cutting off their non-Christian fans. When I heard the first few songs that released from the album (That's My Jam, Don't Blink and Lost Boy), I knew that we Relient K fans were in for a completely different album from them. The pop sound and upbeat lyrics reminded me a lot of their "Birds and the Bee Sides" EP and some of the covers that they did in "K is for Karaoke."

I got it the day that it released, and despite all the flack that they are getting, I have to say that I actually am really enjoying the album. The album is not their usual, yes, but what is Relient K's usual? It is an extremely pop based album, but when asked about this Matt Thiessen, the band's lead singer, said that this was just for this album and who knows? they might do a grunge album next time. For me, it is a great crossover album to reach new fans. The songs are upbeat and fun, ranging from the Bruno Mars-y song Can't Complain to the Michael Buble sounding intro for Disaster, with a little classic Relient K in Collapsible Lung.

Yes, I do think that some of the lyrics are a little questionable (especially in Sweeter), but I think that these guy's pulled our their inner Taylor Swift and wrote from the heart for these songs.

My favorites so far are Disaster and Lost Boy, but I really like blasting That's My Jam (featuring Owl City) with the windows down in the hot weather.

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