Friday, November 30, 2012

Look of the Day - Casual Christmas

I love getting dressed up for Christmas parties and events but after a while it seems like all I ever wear is red and green. While this is great and very festive, I have come up with a few ways of adding some twists to my festive outfits while keeping them true to the Christmas spirit and I want to share those with you throughout the coming weeks!

Christmas Look #1

Casual, understated Christmas


What to do, what to do... Maroon (or oxblood as they're calling it these days) is a beautiful version of the classic Christmas colour red. I love pairing it with gold because I think that they play off each other well. Here I added some soft green flats to add that second Christmassy colour into the outfit. You could also add a green headband or a dark green blazer/cardigan.
Tip... Try different shades of green and red - like maroon or dark, forest green. Gold jewelry goes amazingly well with both these colours and for some reason gold always makes me feel Christmassy :)

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