Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Trends 2013

Here are four trends that I keep spotting at the beginning of the beautiful Spring 2013 season!
They're things that can be easily integrated into any outfit and are pretty versatile as trends go!

Spring Trends 2013

1. Peplum Tops - If I'm being honest peplums are probably one of my least favorite things fashion wise. Nevertheless, they have been popping up time and time again in the blogs that I follow and on my pinterest pages, so some people must love 'em. And as long as you're going peplum, why not try a super cute striped one (this one's from Target)? Pair it with your favorite pair of jeans and sandals for a casual outfit, or with a straight skirt and a pair heels for a fancier version.

2. Blazers - These have been everywhere for the past year or so. For a spring version, why not try a blazer with a pop of colour like this lovely blue one? Pair it with a pair of jean capris, a white shirt and sandals for a school day, or try it over your LBD with some sparkly heels for a date night!

3. Cambray Shirts - I have never owned one of these little beauties but, again, this is a trend that has popped up everywhere. Layered under this and pair with that... Jessica of What I Wore loves to wear cambray and has some great outfits that are easy to replicate using it! I would try pairing it with a cute skirt and floral flats for a night on the town, and with a pair of white jeans and sneakers for a casual outfit.

4. Nude Shoes - Versatility is a key word when you're talking about nude shoes. They go with pretty much everything and they even elongate your legs! Pair them with a striped shirt and a pair of rolled up jeans for a school-appropriate outfit, or try them with a floral dress for a church-ready outfit.

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