Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter Weather

Here are some quick tips to help keep away the winter blues and create a few more choices for you to pick from on these cool winter mornings!

1) Neutrals, neutrals, neutrals
I know that I talk about mixing neutrals a lot but it's definitely a way that you can get some new life out of your old favorite pieces. Try mixing soft beige and greys like Kayley from Sidewalk Ready does in the photo below to create an outfit that will fit right into a winter wonderland. Or try pairing black and dark brown for a striking outfit that is classic and pulled together.

2) Scarves!
These lovely inventions are perfect for adding colour, pattern, texture and a bit of fun to any outfit. Check out this video here to see 27 ways to tie your scarves!

3) Summer Pieces
Yes, you read that right... summer pieces. Pull out your favorite tank tops and layer them with classic pieces from your winter wardrobe like a black long sleeved tee or a heavy, knit cardigan. Grab your favorite summer dress and pair it with some heavy tights or leggings and a sweater! Having some summer pieces in an outfit will help brighten your day and remind you of the sunshine to come!

4) Play with Patterns
Polka dots, stripes and leopard prints are huge right now in the fashion world. I also think they add a bit of fun and playfulness to an outfit which we sometimes need at this point in the winter. Try pairing two different types of polka dots like Jessica did on What I Wore for a whimsical, still very winter, outfit.

I hope that at least one of these tips was helpful to you. Click over to the two websites that I posted here for some more great outfit ideas!

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