Monday, December 17, 2012

Looks of the Day - Casual Christmas

Here's the last two Looks of the Day Christmas edition! (You can see the dressier one here and the other semi-casual one here)

For this Look of the Day, I wanted to give you ideas for something that you can decorate a tree in or cozy up by the fire in. I put these two together using basically the same staples, just in different colours: a sweater, a plaid shirt, flats, straight leg jeans and some Christmassy nail polish. I love the look of a cozy plaid under an equally cozy sweater and I think that black and green, and white and red play off each other really well. They are outfits that even if you don't have the specific pieces, they can be easily replicated.

Casual, at home Christmas

Casual, at home Christmas v.2

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