Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Reading the Bible

I was listening to one of Jeff and Alyssa Bethke's podcasts recently (it's called Anything & Everything, it can be found on iTunes and it's fantastic!) and they were talking about really getting into reading the Bible, but described it in a great way that really hit home:

We're told the Bible is like food, sustaining us. But sometimes we're blown away or affected deeply by what we read and other times we aren't. It's like meals though... Some days we're going to have a big, wonderfully memorable steak dinner and other nights it's nothing special. They are both still necessary, though, because they are sustenance our body needs.

So just because some days you don't feel blown away by your Bible reading don't get discouraged! We are meant to be in the Word and through it God has, and will, do amazing things. Be patient and pray that your heart will be open to what God has to say to you through His Words.

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