Monday, December 8, 2014

Top 3 Faith Books of 2014

Here's my list of top three faith books for the year (in no particular order)!

1. Restless by Jennie Allen
To be honest, the start of this book took me a loooong time to read. Once I got about halfway, however, the honesty and openness of Ms. Allen's words really drew me in. The book is all finding how your gifts, passions, places and relationships weave together into the purpose that God has given us. The writing was refreshingly honest and powerfully convicting. I would recommend this to anyone who is in a stage of their life where they feel like they are moving but don't know what they are moving towards.

2. Chasing God by Angie Smith
This book was a soul-convicting, life-changing one for me. The openness and friendliness that Ms. Smith writes with drew me into a book that changed my perspective drastically. As the title implies, Ms. Smith writes about how she has spent her life chasing God and why that's not the way to go - why we need to stop living with a faith like that. Her honesty and candor make the words she writes refreshing and convicting all at the same time. I would recommend this to anyone.

3. Loveology by John Mark Comer
This book was a bit of a curve ball for me... It's not a book that I would usually pick up, but the cover and the name definitely intrigued me. Just like the title suggests, the book is a study of Godly and Biblical love - how it applies to marriage, to singleness, to being gay, and everything in between. He carefully unpacks each of these areas in a way that convicts but is still loving. I would recommend this one to anyone over the age of 18, but especially to anyone who is engaged or newly married.

Currently reading: The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst - so far so good!

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