Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Days

Over the past few weeks I've touched on a few tips and trends to do with Fall. Lately, I've been challenged with crisp Fall mornings and warm summer-like afternoons so I thought I'd share a few of my tips for surviving these days fashion wise!

1. Leather Jackets
I think that leather jackets should be a staple piece in every girls' wardrobe. They are great pieces that add enough warmth to get through a cold morning without going overboard during a warm afternoon. This morning I paired my dusty rose coloured jacket with an animal print long sleeved tee and jeans and went out like that. I find that mine adds just enough warmth for a cold morning and when it gets hot out I can easily slip it into my bag and carry it around because it's not as bulky as some of my sweaters.

2. Scarves
These little accessories are awesome for awkward-temperature days! They are easy to add to any outfit and are easy to slip into a bag later in the day if it gets too warm. The one pictured above is especially on trend because it's animal print. They are great for adding colour, pattern and texture to an outfit while being very practical.

3. Loafers
On Fall days like these I tend to shy away from wearing boots (leather or suede) because they are not as easy to wear during hot afternoons. Instead I go for my ballet flats or my Toms. A great new trend for this fall is loafers which add a different twist to the flat styles of old. I can see these transition throughout a fall day without being too far on the hot or cold side of things. They are comfy and cute and right on style!

A few more quick tips: Add light-weight tights to a skirt or shorts outfit for extra warmth. Go for sweaters and layering pieces that are easy to carry on your arm or in a bag later when it gets warm. Pull out some of your favourite winter pieces (like long sleeved tees) and start pairing them with your summer favourites (like shorts - with tights of course - or patterned tanks) to get more out of your clothes and to keep you at a nice temperature all day long!

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