Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Top Christian Singles of Summer 2014

 "Fix My Eyes" - For King & Country
"I'd love like I'm not scared, give when it's not fair"
 Bold melodies that will be stuck in your head all day (trust me on this one). It's got a solid message, even if it is a little different than their usual!

"It's Not Over Yet" - For King & Country
"To everyone who's hit their limit - it's not over yet"
Wow! Two killer singles off one album... in one summer! Only FK&C could pull that off! Hot (as in today) off the presses, this has some beautiful melodies and awesome lyrics. It's sure to be blasted out some car windows this summer!

"Lay It Down" - Sanctus Real
"Those problems you're worried about can't keep you from living now"
This one just popped up on my FB newsfeed. I love the simple truths that this band is consistently able to transfer into beautiful song lyrics.

"More of You" - Colton Dixon
"I've made my castle tall; I built up every wall; this is my kingdom and it has to fall"
This guy is a gem, and this song comes out of a heart that is truly committed to Christ - something that is cool to see coming off the stage of American Idol. Awesome truths and some great music... what more could you ask for?

"Hold You Up" - Shane Harper
"But the angels, they brought you, and they're gonna hold you up."  
 The main character in the hit movie "God's Not Dead," not only does this guy have some acting chops, but he's got some sweet song writing brains and vocals as well! 

"The Broken Beautiful" - Ellie Holcomb
"Your love can take broken things and make them beautiful"
I of course had to make sure there was some female representation in this list, and I think Ellie's song is the perfect addition to a summer playlist. It's light, playful and has some beautiful truths in the lyrics! If you haven't heard of her, do yourself a favor and check out her songs! 

"Hope In Front of Me" - Danny Gokey
"Even after all I've seen there's hope in front of me"
Another solid Christian that I first spotted on American Idol! This is full of insane truths, and paired with Danny's unique voice, this (in my opinion) is an amazing song! It's been on over and over for me so far this summer!   

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