Monday, September 9, 2013

A 10 Minute So-Worth-Watching Video

Ok, I can't believe I haven't freaked out about Jonathan Thulin on this blog yet!!! (If I have, then I kinda apologize, except not really because he's that good!).

New Release Tuesday called his music video for his song "Bombs Away" the best music video of the year, I believe, and that meant I had to check it out even though I hadn't heard about him. The video is incredible and the song is just as good. It's about sin and God's love for us. Now who wouldn't love a song like that? So powerful!

What was up next for him? Well, a 10 minute music video about the desperate state of our human souls, that's what. It's beautiful, thought-provoking, and something that has to be watched all the way to the end.


So... do yourself a favor and check all of this guy's stuff out - you won't regret it!
p.s. "Coat of Arms" and "Graveyard" are 2 of my other faves of his.

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