Monday, February 4, 2013

CD Review - The Becoming

The Becoming - Jenny Simmons
I have been a fan of Addison Road for a few years and have seen them twice in concert. When I heard they had gone separate ways I was very disappointed. Then I found out that Jenny was coming out with her own CD! Any fans of Addison Road will not be disappointed with this CD, and those looking for a new awesome female singer to listen to look no further.

It's a beautiful mix of Addison Road and a cleaner sound with awesome lyrics (of course). Jenny is able to showcase her voice and songwriting in a fantastic way in this album. Broken Hallelujah is my favorite so far after hearing the album a few times, but I enjoy all of the songs on the album, especially the lyrics. Jenny is beautiful inside and out, and her love for God shines through this album.

Try: What Faith's About and Heaven Waits for Me

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