Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CD Review - The Struggle

The Struggle - Tenth Avenue North
These guys are some of my favourite musicians for sure so I bought this CD as soon as I could.
I have to say, though, that I was a little disappointed. While this CD has phenomenal lyrics (I seriously don't think I can stress that enough), about God's love, his faithfulness and his redemption, this album was lacking in musicality in comparison to their past two CDs. That would not stop me, however, from recommending this album to anyone because of how amazing this band and their passion for God is. With lyrics like: Hallelujah/ We are free to struggle/ We’re not struggling to be free/ Your blood bought and/ Makes us children/ Children, drop your chains and sing (The Struggle) and We’re all strangers here/ So it’s alright if you can’t/ Stop the tears that you cry/ ‘Cause some day we’ll touch the face of our God/ And the sorrow will disappear/ Until then, we’re strangers here (Strangers Here) it's hard to go wrong.
My favorites: The Struggle and Worn.

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