Saturday, July 21, 2012

Book Review - Tour de Force

Tour de Force by Elizabeth White
Gillian is a ballerina with talent and she's got the body, the work ethic and the attitude to prove it. When Ballet New York gives her a bit of time off to perform at a festival in her hometown, she jumps on the chance. When she meets Jacob, an ex-BNY dancer, she is confused at what God is doing. As she dives deeper into her role in BNY and works with Jacob on a fantastic idea for a ballet, she can't begin to see what's around the corner. And what is there might shatter her dreams and ambitions forever.

Although I read a lot and have a lot of "favorite" books, when I finished this one for the second time I decided that this one is definitely in my top five. I think that it is a fantastically written book on fear, faith and learning to trust God with your life. I recommend it to anyone, even people who haven't danced before.

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